Friday, November 2, 2012

College basketball team receives technical foul after fans shower court with toilet paper

Behold one of the most outrageous celebrations in all of basketball.

Watch as the boisterous crowd at John Brown University lets the toilet paper fly during Thursday night's affair against Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College. As odd as it may seem, the act has been a long-standing tradition at John Brown for over two decades.

Fans annually hurl several thousand rolls of toilet paper onto the floor once the Golden Eagles score their first basket of their home schedule. The custom has generated so much buzz that even USA Today once referred to it as "the best technical foul in sports".
John Brown guard Abel Galliguez was the one responsible for igniting this season's celebratory TP toss after sinking a 3-pointer a mere 34 seconds into the game. The onslaught of TP caused players from both teams to run for cover before the officials eventually awarded two free throws to Hillsdale as a result.

There must be some sort of good luck involved with TP games because the Golden Eagles are 23-1 all-time in them, including Thursday's 65-48 victory as well.

Via The Dagger.

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