Friday, November 16, 2012

Charlie Weis is buying tickets for Kansas students on Senior Day

There's really only one way to put fans in the stands of a team who is 1-9: free tickets. That's precisely what Kansas Jayhawk head football coach Charlie Weis plans plans to do this Saturday when his team takes on the Iowa State Cyclones (5-5) in Lawrence.

The embattled coach announced on Twitter that he will pick up the tab on tickets for any student who wishes to go. The move is an effort to draw a respectable crowd on Senior Day.

From Weis:

Weis is reportedly earning approximately $2.5 million in salary this year, so the cost shouldn't hurt his wallet too much. Nonetheless, it's still a good gesture in the midst of trying times.

Via The Big Lead.

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  1. Way to go Coach Weis! Even though the Jayhawks have won only 1 game, they continue to improve and play a competitive game. We know the team will win more games next season. Thanks Coach!

  2. Very classy move! I concur that Kansas has been competitive, including nearly beating a resurgent Texas team.