Thursday, November 15, 2012

A women's basketball team beat another 88-0 in a high school game in Arkansas

Here's a nominee for most lopsided game of the year.

On Monday, the Hall High School (Ark.) women's basketball team defeated the Little Rock-Fair High School women by a tally of 88-0. No, that isn't a misprint. The Fair High ladies failed to score a single point during the blowout loss.

Before folks start throwing their arms in the air in protest, let it be known that Hall head coach Selita Farr reportedly pulled her starters just four minutes into the fourth quarter. The Lady Warriors also didn't play any pressure defense that may have aided in the imbalanced outcome.

"It's exciting, but it was just another game," said Farr. "It wasn't planned...they just did what they were supposed to do."

Some would argue that the game should have been called early. What do you think?

Via Off the Bench.

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