Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video: David Stern mixes up Hurricane Sandy with Katrina

NBA commissioner David Stern made a monumental mistake while addressing the crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena prior to the Miami Heat game on Tuesday. Stern, who recently announced his plans to step down in 2014, sent his best wishes for those suffering from the wrath of "Hurricane Katrina". Oops. I'm guessing what he was referring to there was the hurricane crippling the East Coast at the moment: Hurricane Sandy.

Here is Stern's full quote:

"Before we begin, I know that everyone here and around America watching has in their thoughts and in their abiding concerns those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That said, we have a celebration tonight."
The slip-up is just another example for Stern's pundits as to why the seasoned veteran should opt to retire now rather than later.

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