Monday, October 29, 2012

Video: Ball boy draws red card on opposing goalkeeper with flop


We all know that soccer players have a knack for the overdramatic, but what about the ball boys as well?

This one in particular helped his team draw a red card on visiting goalkeeper Gaston Sessa of Boca Unidos during a recent Argentine League Match. Sessa was upset when two balls came on to the field for his goal kick, so he ripped one back in the direction of the ball boy.

After about a 10-second delay, the ball boy's acting instincts kick into gear (no pun intended) as he hits the ground and grabs his head in pain. Sessa was subsequently ejected from the match after receiving a red card for his unsportsmanlike actions.

Well done, ball boy. You may just be your team's best player.

Via The Big Lead.

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