Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swedish photographer selling camera used by Usain Bolt on Ebay

How much is a camera worth that has been used by Usain Bolt? That's the precise question being proposed by Swedish photographer Jimmy Wixtrom on Ebay this week.

Wixtrom is hoping to raise money for charity by auctioning off the camera that Bolt used to take pictures with at the London Olympics. The incident occurred after the 200m final when Bolt swiped the camera from Wixtrom and snapped photos of the crowd and Jamaican teammate Yohan Blake, who finished second.

Here's the description of the listing, which currently has a bid placed of $5,100:

Exclusive: Sportbladet is auctioning off the famous camera Usain Bolt used during the Olympics.
It was right after Usain Bolt, one of the world's greatest athletes Рand the fastest man in the world Рhad finished the 200 meter finals that the Sportbladet photographer Jimmy Wixtr̦m lent him his camera.
As seen in the pictures that since have traveled the world, Bolt first immortalized his compatriot Yohan Blake and then turned the lens towards the gigantic crowd.
After he was done with taking photos, Bolt carved his name on the camera with a screwdriver – and thus made it unique.
Now this camera can be yours.

This includes:
1 signed Nikon D4 camera body
1 framed picture 50x70 cm when Usain Bolt uses the camera

The bidding ends next Wednesday (Oct. 10) at approximately 12:33 PDT.

All proceeds are said to go to the Swedish Cancer Society as well as Bolt's own foundation for children in Jamaica.

Props to FOX Sports Australia for the story.


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