Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pizza delivery driver fired over comments made to wife of Ohio State coach

Here's a tip to all of the friendly pizza delivery guys out there: don't criticize the defense of Ohio State football coach Luke Fickell, especially not to his wife.

One pizza pie chauffeur found that out the hard over the weekend when he lost his job because of it.

The driver was fired from his job at Lacono's in Shawnee Hills, Ohio after criticizing the Buckeyes' tackling to Fickell's wife while she ordered a pizza. The man, a Columbus State College student, claims it was just a joke, but Mrs. Fickell certainly didn't think so.

That's a tough way to go for a guy who was simply expressing his opinion while trying to earn a little cash to pay for school, if you ask me. You can check out the full video of the news story here.

Via The Big Lead.


  1. Yuou don't get to express your opinion to a customer. She's your customer, not your friend. And she's not the coach at an interview or meet and greet, she's the wife just trying to order dinner. Rude and inappropriate. Wrong person, wrong context. As an employee, you don't get to make personal, targeted jokes to your customers about their husbands and then be surprised when they're offended.