Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo: Major League Baseball is selling Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown dirt for cash

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera made baseball history on Wednesday when he became the first player to win the Triple Crown since 1967. For those that aren't aware of what the Triple Crown is, it's a rare feat that occurs when a player leads his respective league in batting average, homers, and runs batted in. Cabrera did just that in 2012 by posting a .330 average, slugging 44 homers, and driving in 139 runs. And now you can own a share of his historic accomplishment thanks to Major League Baseball.

MLB is currently offering fans authentic dirt from the same batters box in which Cabrera stood during the last game of the season. For an affordable price of $39.99, a buyer can receive a pinch of dirt along with a plaque that commemorates the occasion.

If the soil doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps you would be interested in a replica lineup card ($194.99) and/or a tee shirt ($24.99) instead?

Fist bump to The Post Game for the lead.

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