Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo: Cardinals fan creates sign trolling Albert Pujols

The Los Angeles Angels entered the season as heavy favorites to not only make the playoffs, but win the World Series as well. Expectations for the St. Louis Cardinals, on the other hand, were not so lofty. Although they were coming off an improbable World Series championship run, their best player Albert Pujols decided to jump ship during the offseason and sign with LA in favor of more money. Well, Pujols and the Angels failed to even qualify for the postseason while the Cardinals are one win away from making a second straight trip to the World Series. Karma?

One fan of the Redbirds wanted to make light of this fact by creating a fashioned sign depicting Pujols watching the NLCS from the comfort of his couch. The man who hatched the idea, Marty Prather, roped a friend into making the sign in exchange for some pizza. Here's an excerpt from Big League Stew detailing the trade-off:

“Marty Prather of Springfield, Mo. (home of The Missouri State Bears) made a deal with a buddy of his: You paint some amusing signs of Albert Pujols not in the playoffs and I’ll trade you some pizzas for them (Marty owns some Dominoes franchises.) Voila! We have a fun painting of the back of Albert’s head as he sits at home in front of a TV watching the NLCS on Fox TV."

It seems there is nothing that can slow down the Cardinals franchise these days. The Detroit Tigers look to be the only thing standing in their way to back-to-back titles.

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