Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photo: Bryce Harper celebrates clinch with apple cider

How does Washington Nationals teenage rookie Bryce Harper celebrate winning a division title? That's "a clown question, bro". The 19-year old indulges in some apple cider with the 9-year old son of his teammate, of course.

Traditionally, baseball teams bust out some alcoholic beverages during this type of circumstance. But not Harper though. The presumptive NL Rookie of the Year, who is Mormon, didn't partake in the bubbly along with his teammates for a couple of reasons. Aside from being underage, Harper has been quoted before in saying "that stuff [alcohol] has never appealed to me."

So, he and Drake LaRoche - son of Nats first basemen Adam LaRoche - picked out a corner of the clubhouse to celebrate with Welch's sparking cider instead.Good times in the nation's capital, folks. The Nationals are all set to bring postseason baseball back to D.C. for the first time in 79 years this weekend.

Thanks to the Big League Stew for the lead.

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