Tuesday, October 23, 2012

High school football game forced to move after goats invade field

This is either one of the greatest senior pranks of all-time or a hilarious mishap on the part of Burns High School in Lawndale (NC).

Their recent football game had to be moved to another school after goats invaded the field and left so much of a mess that it wasn't suitable for play. At first the incident was alleged to be a prank by students on Senior Night, but a commentator told the local newspaper site (Shelbystar.com) that the goats had escaped their on-campus pen on their own. Do I smell a conspiracy?

Here's a quick excerpt from the online article:

"School personnel said that 10-to-12 goats had been released in the stadium overnight and caused enough of a mess in the area near the fieldhouse – and given the current E. coli cases attached to the county – meant the game had to move to another venue as a health precaution."

But Susan Mayes, mother of a Burns High student, maintains that her daughter said that the goats got out of the pen at school by themselves, and somehow made their way onto the gridiron. They were then rounded up by coaches and the FFA before being returned to their pen.

Perhaps the greatest question in all of this isn't whether or not students with mischievous intentions were involved, but the fact that the high school has actual goats living on campus.

Via Off the Bench.


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