Monday, September 24, 2012

Video: Trent Guy scores the longest kick return in history

Trent Guy set a record on Sunday that can never be broken ever again in the Canadian Football League. The play occurred during the Montreal Alouettes 31-10 win over Toronto when Guy returned a kick a whopping 129 yards for a touchdown off a missed field goal. The feat was so outrageous that he had to explain it to his followers on Twitter. Here's the gist of how he was able to do it.

Most football fans probably don't know that the CFL field is 10 yards longer than the NFL's 100. Add in an additional 20 yards for EACH endzone, instead of the NFL's 10, and you have a total of 150 yards from end-to-end. So, in theory the maximum amount of yardage a player could gain in any given play, particularly a punt or kick, is 129. That's precisely what Guy was able to do after he corralled the ball with his feet at the back of his own end zone, and then proceeded to take it to the house for the score.
The University of Louisville alum has certainly had an interesting path to where he is now. He was seriously wounded back in 2008 when he was shot in the back, but eventually recovered to play out his senior year in 2009. He then went undrafted, and was signed by the Oakland Raiders, and Carolina Panthers (twice), but was cut during training camp each time. He's now found a home with the Alouettes where he leads the team with 663 yards in kick/punt returns.

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  1. Way to go Trent!!!!! You are awesome!!!! This is the greatest thing I have seen in quite some time. Keep up the good work!!!! The NFL could sure use someone like you!!!!!