Sunday, September 16, 2012

Video: Redskins receiver costs team a chance at overtime with terrible penalty

Here's one of the things NOT to do when your team is behind and driving with a chance to tie late in the game. Here's the situation.

The Washington Redskins trailed the St. Louis Rams 31-28 with under two minutes to play in the fourth quarter when quarterback Robert Griffin III flicked a third-down pass to WR Josh Morgan. Morgan eventually was tackled short of the first down marker at the Rams' 29-yard line, but fell well within kicker Billy Cundiff's range to attempt a game-tying field goal. That's when Morgan had a major mental lapse.

Morgan responded to a late shove from St. Louis DB Cortland Finnegan by inexplicably chucking the ball at Finnegan in retaliation, and right in front of an official at that. The official had no choice but to throw a flag and hit the hot-headed Morgan with a 15-yard penalty, thus backing the Redskins up to the 44-yard line facing a fourth-and-16 situation.
On the ensuing play, Cundiff's 62-yard field goal try ended up well short and wide right, which ended any hope of sending the game into overtime. The Rams ran out the remaining 1:18 on the clock and escaped with a victory.

Morgan's blunder will likely go down as one of the untimely and unforgivable penalties in NFL history.


  1. Stupid mistake..YES.... cost them the game..WHO KMOWS? We can't be sure....a 47 yard feild goal is not automatic. Typical media sensationalism!

  2. The last time I looked a 47 yarder is just a little easier than a 62 yarder. That is why so many of these athletes hire agents. I bet most cannot even sign their names. How stupid. Remember the movie For a few good men. The rest of the team should give this guy a code red.

  3. Morgan is just another idiot who plays for the Skins, reminding me of a very similar play made by Michael Westbrook against the Giants some years ago. Cut him immediately.

  4. My question is this: Why didn't Finnegan get a penalty for hitting Morgan on the helmet (after the play)?

  5. Can I get a refree who can call the the game for profession football this is not pop warner football. I'm sick of games being decided on refree erroronous calls The professional refree used to huddle, the "replacement refree" obviously don't know how to dicuss "did we get it right; did you see what i saw"...