Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video: Dwayne Wade gets fitted for world championship ring

Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade was one of several members of the Miami Heat's World Championship team to get fitted for their rings Tuesday at American Airlines Arena. The 8-time All-Star and the rest of the members of that title team are slated to receive their new jewelry on October 30th during Miami's home opener against the Boston Celtics.

It will mark the second championship ring for Wade, who also won one with the Heat back in 2006. That '06 relic was fitted for his right ring finger, so it presented an intriguing dilemma as to where the newest one may go.

"These are good problems to have," exclaimed the 30-year old. "I can’t put it on this finger (left ring), because one day hopefully I’ll be happily married," he added.
Ultimately, the right index finger earned the nod of approval. And what about his ring size? How about 13 1/2.

This may be one of many fittings to come if LeBron James has anything to say about it.

"Not one, not two, not three..."

High five to SLAM for the find.

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