Sunday, September 16, 2012

Video: Crazy finish to BYU-Utah rivalry game

The Utah Utes defeated the #25 BYU Cougars, 24-21, on Saturday. That isn't necessarily a big deal. The manner with which how they did is though.

Trailing by three points and driving late in the fourth quarter, BYU completed a long passing play to put itself within field goal range. Instead of attempting a game-tying kick, the Cougars got greedy and tried to gain a little more yardage. Cougars QB Riley Nelson then proceeded to sail a pass out of bounds as the click hit zeros. The Utah players, coaches and fans rushed the field in celebration. But wait.

A review of the play revealed that one second remained on the clock when the ball landed incomplete, which allowed BUY to try a 51-yard field goal. Once the field was cleared, that's precisely what they set out to do.

As fate would have it, the kick was blocked! The Utah faithful stormed the field a second time only to be sent back to their places yet again. It was determined that the holder picked up the ball and tried to advance it, thus creating a penalty on the Utes and giving BYU an extra 15 yards and another chance to send the game into overtime.

At first glance, BYU kicker Riley Stephenson's kick looked to be right on the money. Instead, it smacked into the left upright and fell to the ground no good.

Final score: Utah 24, BYU 21. Folks rushed the center of the football field for a third and final celebratory gathering in what will go down as one of the craziest finishes in the college football this season. And certainly one of the craziest in the two rivals' illustrious 90-year series.

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