Thursday, September 20, 2012

Redskins receiver Josh Morgan receives death threats via Twitter

You may or may not remember this costly penalty made by Washington Redskin's receiver Josh Morgan on Sunday. It pretty much cost his team a chance at sending the game into overtime and is a great candidate for the Bush League Play of the Week. What the incident is not, however, is a reason to send the maligned player death threats on his Twitter account.

Here's just a little taste of what Morgan has had sent his way this week:

"I will kill you in your sleep you autistic [expletive]," one message said. Another Twitter user told Morgan that "I hope someone throws a football at ur [sic] firstborn child," and another implied that Morgan was one of the worst things to happen in Washington D.C., along with the "crack epidemic."

"I heard everything, especially when they got you on Twitter and they start sending the death threats and wishing bad on your family and your first born and things like that, you see it all, you hear it all," Morgan told the Washington Times on Wednesday. "You don't got no choice but to see it all and hear it all. But you never let it get to you, especially me being from D.C."

Obviously the NFL means a whole lot to a great number of people. But with that said, some folks really need to gain some perspective and back away from the keyboard. There's no need for senseless threats such as these in response to what happened in a football game.

Hats off to Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner for the lead.

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