Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oregon State coach treats team to burgers after upset win over UCLA

The Oregon State Beavers went into Los Angeles on Saturday and upset the No. 19 UCLA Bruins, 27-20. The victory went over well with Beavers head coach Mike Riley, so well in fact that he decided to treat his entire team to burgers and fries afterward.

The eatery of choice was none other than In-N-Out Burger -- one of the finest fast-food restaurants on the West Coast. The franchise boasts 281 chains in five different states, but none around Corvallis, Oregon. The nearest one from OSU's campus is a distant 356 miles away, so it was only natural for the Beavers to cash in on the opportunity to frequent the place.

Here's a couple of tweets sent out by Riley during the celebratory meal:

I don't even want to begin to think how much the bill for this was, but I'd imagine Riley's wallet isn't taking too hard of a hit. Not at a base salary of $1.7MM at least.

A helmet tap to USA Today for the lead.

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