Saturday, May 5, 2012

A feel good little league story

Usually here on BLC we focus on the silly, the stupid, or the outrageous moments in sports. But today we're going to turn our focus to a story that I found to be inspiring.

Seen here is Johnsonville (S.C.) little leaguer Coleman Shannon, who in a recent game tossed a no-hitter, with the benefit of just one arm.

The 14-year old Shannon was born with a limb deficiency that left him without any part of his right arm below his elbow. However, his physical challenges haven't prevented him from excelling on the ball field.

"I can say that probably 999 out of 1,000 that have a physical impairment like he does would have never even given themselves a chance and continued to go out there and play," Shannon's Johnsonville coach, Kyle Daniel, told South Carolina Now. "But he's that exception."

Some of you may recall a guy with a similar condition who also threw his share of no-hitters during his day in Jim Abbott. Perhaps young Coleman is on track to follow in the ex MLBers footsteps?