Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weird Soccer Mishap (Video)

Apparently, FIFA has a rule in place that requires a yellow card be given to any player who removes their shirt during a match. Of course, if that player's already been booked for a yellow card, the consequence of shedding one's jersey would result in an automatic ejection from the game.

And wouldn't you know it that rare occurrence happened this past Wednesday in a match between Dnipro and Karapty.

Straight from the video description:

"Just after the hour the substitutes board was held up, instructing [Samuel] Inkoom to come off the pitch for teammate Evgeniy Shakhov. But before Inkoom managed to haul himself into an early bath, the player managed to get himself sent off.

As he ran towards the sidelines to exit the pitch, Inkoom removed his Dinpro top. That shirt removal was spotted by the yes-man referee, who in turn flashed the midfielder his second yellow of the game."

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