Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bush League Play of the Week (Video)

A scary moment occurred during the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game on Saturday afternoon.

Vandy punt returner Jonathan Krause is seen here clearly calling for a fair catch before Arkansas defender Marquel Wade levels the defenseless Commodore.

The Razorbacks were flagged for a 15-yard penalty and Wade was immediately ejected from the contest -- a rarity in college football.

Simply put, there is no room in any sport for such an unsportsmanlike and bush league play such as this one.


  1. there is not a clear fair catch signal in my opinion. it appears to me that the receiver is shielding his eyes from the sun. BOTH arkansas players went for the tackle which leads me to beleive there was no clear was a vicious hit and his unsportsmanlike reaction after the play is what pissed me off and if i were the coach this young man would learn a good life lesson before he ever got out of my doghouse.but, alas, there are very few pappa joes and his type of brethren in the coaching ranks anymore. i'm a big hog fan but don't like to see the sportsmanship that ISN"T being ingrained into today's athletes. it's almost like woody hayes won. sad, sad, sad.