Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Notable Football Streakers (Videos)

Yet another streaking legend was born during the Arizona-UCLA football game Thursday night. The culprit rushed the field posing as a referee before proceeding to scramble around like Michael Vick -- all the while peeling off every piece of garment he had on. And is if that alone wasn't enough to place the 23-year old student among streaking elite, the ensuing brawl that broke out shortly thereafter pushed him well over the top.

While his brave, but "knucklehead" feat will not soon be forgotten in the world of epic fan interferences...we now take this time to reminisce about some of the past notable streakers of the gridiron.

So without further ado, here are clips from some of the best football streakers in recent memory. Enjoy.

2011 Kraft Hunger Bowl (Nevada/Boston College)

Montana vs. Cal Poly (2011)

Fresno State vs. Nevada (2010)

Giants vs. Dolphins (2008)

Portland State (2007)

Bengals vs. Packers (2007)

2011 Pro Bowl

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