Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Chargers build recreational softball team, fail to win league

The recreational softball team put together by the San Diego Chargers failed to win the league it competed in this summer. Thus, ending the debate once and for all that professional athletes can dominate average joes in any sport they choose.

The squad was led of course by quarterback Philip Rivers, who organized the team as part of a fun offseason hobby, and advanced to the finals last week before being eliminated by a team named after a local golf tournament. This coming after the Chargers already lost to the same team twice during the regular season.

So what went wrong for the NFL laden club? The Wall Street Journal explains:

Photo: Canadian magazine imagines Bryce Harper in Expos uniform


In the latest edition of Sportsnet, which features a ton of "what if" content as part of an alternative history in sports, the Canadian magazine pictures Bryce Harper in a Montreal Expos uniform.

In Sportsnet's imaginary sports world, Harper plays for the Expos because the magazine believes the outfielder would have still been chosen by the same franchise. You may remember the Expos leaving Montreal in 2005 in favor of Washington to become the Nationals.

The magazine also boasts 21 other twists that could have changed everything in the world of sports. Namely, what if the Toronto Raptors had landed the No. 1 overall pick in 2003 and chosen LeBron James?

Via For the Win

Video: Jacoby Jones competes in drag show contest, loses

Being the competitor he is, Jacoby Jones couldn't turn down an offer to participate in a cruise ship competition. Even if it meant the Super Bowl hero had to dress up in drag and strut his stuff in front of hundreds of strangers.

TMZ Sports was able to obtain some video footage from that fateful event which clearly shows the wide receiver competing in the adults-only game show. Unfortunately, Jones walked away without earning the top prize despite boasting an ill-fitting bra and a Louis Vuitton purse.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video: Amateur umpire rings up hitters in hilarious fashion

As a hitter, nothing is more embarrassing than striking out. Especially when it's the umpire who decides your fate with a strike three looking.

Well, this umpire featured in the video above is taking ringing up batters to a whole new level. And it has to be a joy to watch for the opposing pitcher and defense.

For the batter? Not so much. But perhaps the hitters with good sense of humors can chuckle a bit at the spectacle as well.

Via Bleacher Report

Joel Embiid moving on to Rihana on Twitter after Kim Kardashian fail

Despite getting ignored, Joel Embiid is not backing down on his bid to reach out to Kim Kardashian.

Embiid tried again to solicit a response from Kanye West's wife on Tuesday and once again was denied. So the NBA rookie proposed what any other bitter Twitter user would after getting dissed on the social media site. Embiid has proposed to block her.
On a brighter note, it appears Embiid is ready to move on from Kardashian to Rihana. So there's that.